The Game
The game is a turn based strategy where each piece is able to move once each turn and combat is completed with a random chance determined by the advantages, or disadvantages, the pieces have.
(This game is based off Fire Emblem for its game mechanics)
The pieces have Pathfinding that is based around the Dijkstra's algorithms so it can take into account each spaces movement amount all in one system.
It will have an advantage and disadvantage triangle for combat and use an accuracy calculation for a percentage chance to hit.

Log 1
I have been able to make a generating map and a pathfinding system for the game that currently work.
Currently the way the buttons for the game and the game pieces do not interact correctly causing a problem when trying to move multiple piece.
Next task:
I will be creating the way the game loop happens to make it smoother for game pieces interactions more consistence and easier to use in the code.
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