Within this project I was tasked to have the CubeSat to be able to be put together in correct and incorrect positions.
They had already put together the VR Environment with a CubeSat that when the components are dropped into the CubeSat they would move into position automatically.
The problem they were having was how to put the components into the CubeSat. The solution I came up with was simple, have each component have its own mate points (box colliders) and the CubeSat have the same points in the position where the component should be.
This setup came with some positives like the ability to set each location within the CubeSat and have each piece be able to be set to it.
Some negatives to this is that it can be fiddly to setup each mate point in the correct position within the CubeSat.
Overall this was a interesting project and a good opportunity to use Unreal Engine 4 for the first time. I learnt a lot from this project about how unreal works and generally the product is good. What I feel I had done poorly was keeping good documentation throughout the project, whilst I did at the end of it all make sure it was up to date during it I was lacking a few details about how things worked.
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